Mediation Service

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The Independence of the EQC Mediation Service

EQC established and funds the EQC Mediation Service. However, the Mediation Service is independently administered by AMINZ.

EQC will determine which cases it believes are suitable for mediation and offer it as an option to those customers. Once an EQC customer has been offered and accepted mediation, AMINZ will provide information regarding the mediation process, such as the resources on this website.

EQC has agreed that AMINZ organise a panel of mediators to help resolve all EQC disputes where mediation has been offered. The mediators on the Panel are selected at the sole discretion of AMINZ, and have their profiles available to be viewed as part of the registration process. Furthermore, EQC will not have any role in selecting mediators for specific cases. EQC customers will all be given the opportunity to state their preference for a particular mediator to deal with their dispute. EQC will agree to any mediator on the Panel selected by EQC customers to mediate a dispute.

All the mediators are independent. They are not employed by EQC or AMINZ. Rather, they are self-employed. Each of the mediators on the Panel is trained, credentialed and experienced. They each have to adhere to the AMINZ Code of Ethics.